SP DX Club

The Long Distance Radio Communication Club of Poland

SP DX Club - The Long Distance Radio Communication Club of Poland is an organization which brings together Polish radio amateurs interested in DX'ing and the sporting aspects of amateur radio. The SP DX Club was formed in June 1959. The first convention of the association took place in September 1962.

Any Polish amateur interested in DX'ing may become a member of the SP DX Club. The basic requirement is to have a minimum of 100 countries confirmed according to the DXCC list.

The SP DX Club is the co-organizer (together with the PZK) of the SP DX Contest. This is one of the oldest ham radio contests - it was first held in 1933.

The SP DX club also sponsors an award for contacts with members of the club. Recipients of this award also become honorary members of the SPDXC. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rules of the awards (which also contains a current membership list of the SPDXC).

Every year a SP DX Club convention is held. During these conventions, which in the last few years are held at the end of September or early October, results of the SP DX Contest are traditionally announced. These gatherings are also an excellent opportunity to meet others and to exchange experiences. Every year we also host special guests from other countries, mainly from Europe. Almost every year we also invite participants of well-known DXpeditions.

The club station of the SPDXC is SP0DXC. The call-sign is activated during annual SPDXC conventions as well as during some big contests. QSL manager of the SP0DXC is Marek SP7DQR (bureau or direct). SP DX Club also organizes special event operations to celebrate important anniversaries or events. All special event calls operated by the SP DX Club are managed by SP7DQR.

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